What is Social media Marketing.

Social media marketing(SMM) is the use of social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Snapchat are most famous Social platforms ) to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

This involves publishing quality content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.

For Example, if you have written a book. You want to promote your Book to reach audience. How much you are sure that you will get right audience?

So you need to advertise your book. Then your book will go towards targetted audience. You can do it via social media marketing.

How to do Social Media Marketing.

If we have a shop of watches, and we want to sell our products to our targeted audience. We need to promote our products through Social media marketing.

Let me explain deeply for your understanding, if you want to sell digital watches. So you just have to promote your products on any of social media platform. You just need a campaign to make an add (advertisement) of your products on social media, if someone is searching analog or simple watches and you have digital watches so don’t worry your products will not be shown to the one who is not interested in simple watches, your products will be shown to the person that is searching for digital watches.

How to become Social Media Marketing Manager.

Social media managers are individuals who manage the social media presence of a business or a person. This role has become increasingly important because many organizations and public figures use social media to communicate with their audience. To start this career, you must develop strong communication skills, earn a relevant degree and master the use of social media.

Many people think social media is “easy." While it may be easy to share an image and post small commentary, there is actually a lot of data analytics and strategy that goes into it. We will tell you every minor detail, how you will become a social media manager.

The average salary for social media managers

The average salary for a social media manager is nearly equal to $44,741 per year. The salary range for social media managers varies between $14,000 to $105,000 per year.

These are the following steps you must follow to become a Social media manager.

1. Garner experience in social media marketing strategies. 2. Earn a degree or gain a relevant work experience. 3. Build your own social media following (be a social media influencer, we will discuss how you become a social media influencer in this article) and post strategic and thoughtful content. 4. Learn about how to use social media and general marketing analytics. 5. Learn Social media marketing completely. 6. Build an online portfolio. 7. Follow companies you admire on all their channels.

Small Business Social media marketing.

Interacting with customers on social media is an important marketing strategy to grow your small business. 90% small business owner prefer to promote their products or services on social media to gain targeted audience from where or whom they want.

If you have a small business and not getting the customers of your target you must use social media marketing to promote your services.

How to use Social Media for Marketing.

In recent years, Social media is playing a must win game for your business. If you want to grow your business, it must be of any niche. The only thing you need is social media marketing of your brand or services to secure your business in future.

Following are the points you must need to focus on before starting social media marketing.

1. Choose the Right Platforms

2. Create a Calendar

3. Encourage Engagement

4. Don’t Over-Promote

5. Share Video

6. Address Problems Quickly

7. Build a Community & Provide Value

Let’s Discuss Every point so you will understand what are these points why these points are important to promote your business.

1. Choose the Right Platforms

If you want to work on any content, then are thousands of other people working on that niche too, so it will be difficult to get the targeted audience. Then you need social media platforms to grow your business and beat your competitors.

2. Create a Calendar

You need a calendar to post on social media, posting a lot of stuff will lead you towards low quality content. So you need a calendar for posting, on the right time, you should have to prepare posts, hash tags, links, images and other related content.

3. Encourage Engagement

If you need audience on your posts, you need to publish such content that audience like. Keep posting the related content. If you are working on an online earning content. Then don’t post that are not related to online earning. If you get a reach and engagement in one post you will definitely get reach on other similar content, so keep posting on same niche to grow your business.

4. Don’t Over-Promote

Don’t over promote yourself. Just focus on one niche, and start posting one similar content. I f you have quality content, your business or brand will gradually grow.

5. Share Video

Visual content works well on any social media platform. You can continuously upload videos with related Hashtags(#). It will help to grow your business.

6. Address Problems Quickly

If you are facing any issue in your social media page or brands, try to solve early. Also try to solve publically, so people see you are responsive and co-operative. This will boost up your brand.

7. Build a Community & Provide Value

Instead of trying to get as many as followers on social media. Try to build a community it might be small. Focus on those who are continuously reposting, commenting on your posts. After building a community you can grow your business as well.

The Five Core Pillars of Social Media Marketing.

Before starting social media marketing, you must have to keep these important points in your mind.

· Strategy

Before you dive in the ocean, and starting swimming without knowing anything about the ocean. Sure you will be in danger. So let’s step back and think what things you need to focus before diving.

Same case with social media marketing. If you start publishing content and don’t know about anything. You must need to make a strategy before Starting SMM.

Here are some important point of strategy you must need to follow.

1 What are your goals.

You must keep your goals in mind. Either you are entering in ocean for swimming or fishing.

Same with social media marketing. Some brand promote their brands for awareness. Few of them promote their products for increasing sales. Every single person has their own goals. You need to make goals before starting SMM.

2 what social media platform you want to focus on?

You must need to be prepared before promoting your products or brand. There are many platforms such as, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook (Meta) etc. Every user has their own interest, some user prefer Facebook, while others prefer YouTube. So you need to be prepared before promoting products. On which platforms you will achieve your goals.

3 What type of content you want to share?

Before starting you must need to think on which content you will continuously work. Also remember you are working on educational brand or entertaining brands.

· Planning and Publishing

Before publishing content you need to be prepared for everything. Your strategies play a vital role in your success.

· Listening and Engagement

As your brand will grow, people start commenting on your posts, share your posts, tag you in their products.

You must need to be active. Also try to answer them publically, so this will give your brand a positive impact.

Listen to them solve their problems publically. Answer them with humbleness.

· Analytics

If you started social media marketing, you must need to focus on analytics as well. How was the previous month. Either you are getting a positive response after doing social media marketing or not.

· Advertising

If you have more funds, try to promote your brands gradually. If you was advertising your products on one social media platform and started getting positive response. Try to promote on other social media platforms as well.

How to become a social media influencer:

Influencer marketing is a hot topic now a days. How someone can be a social media influencer and promote their products or brand.

In this article we will tell you 10 effective way of becoming a social media influencer. If you will follow our points. You will be social media influencer.

How much a social media influencer Earns?

Social media influencer earns a handsome amount by just putting adds of the products or brands on their social profiles. Their earning depends on their profiles, how many followers they have? A survey said that average social media influencer can charge between 124$ to 1400$ per post.

7 Effective ways to become a social media influencer.

These are the following steps you must have to follow, if you want to be a social media influencer.

· Select Your Niche

Before you start on your way to become an social media influencer, you need to first select your niche. You need to choose a niche that you are interested in and you can consistently create content about that niche. If you are not interested in any niche and start working on it, it will not help you to become an influencer. You should also have some level of expertise in the field to be able to establish yourself as a social media influencer.

· Create or Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

First you need to select your niche, after selecting a niche you have to create a profile or optimize the existing profile. Most of social media influencers are focusing on 2 platforms. So it is best to focus your efforts on 1 or 2 platforms at the start of journey.

· Switch to a Business Account

If you want to be an influencer, you need to switch from simple profile to business profile, as it opens up a lot of doors for your business. A lot of social media platforms have their option of business profiles in setting.

· Create an Engaging Bio

It is a universal quote that

“Your first impression is your last impression”

If people come to check your profile they read your Bio. So you need to write an engaging and attractive Bio. Your Bio matters a lot in increasing your chances to get clients.

· Add a Profile Pic and Cover Photo

You must need to add a profile Photo and cover photo. Both of these pictures play a vital role in your business. An attractive image attracts others as well.

· Create and Post Relevant Content

The next step in becoming a social media influencer is to post useful and relevant content for your followers. The more you are able to engage with your audience or followers, the more people will be influenced by your opinions and recommendations.

· Be Regular and Consistent

After you have decided what types of content you will post, you need to finalize a posting frequency and schedule as well. Most of the social media platform’s algorithms give preference to those accounts that post regularly. You must have a calendar for your posts, at what time you need to publish content. Also you have a targeted country as well. Post the content when your followers are active not sleeping. The more reach you will get after publishing content in short time, there are greater chances that your content will boost up.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start the broad definition of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest way of marketing, which gains popularity as time passes. An affiliate marketer is one who takes commission from buyer and sell the product to the customer without investing money.

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